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Modern School Baran

Modern school excels in the field of academics as well as co-curricular activities with phenomenal results. It has been developing as an educational institution for the past 45 victorious years in Kota and now will be pioneering in Baran. It is affiliated to C.B.S.E. Ajmer and functions on its guidelines. Baran, where there is still a dearth of excellence in the field of education, and a want of foraging for talents, Modern School has arrived as a harbinger of education with an encompassing vision for all round development of our children.

Having been tremendously successful in bringing felicity and exuberance on the countenances of innumerable parents and their wards in Kota, we now have entered Baran to expand the boon of literacy beyond our confined demarcations. The school will also be upgrading to class XII level in the succeeding years.

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The Introductory Note

Modern school, the name which has become a paragon in the field of education, caters to the development of contours of a student's personality. The school has taken an initiative to keep academics in a high zone of focus. We strongly believe that a strong base of academics goes a long way in establishing a strong fundamental base for children. Keeping in sync with this, we have a team of eminent professionals who work round the clock to deliver the teaching modules in the most effective ways.

Mrs. F.T. Singh laid the foundation stone of this "Alma Mater" in the year 1973. Today, under the combined administration of her son, Dr. Deepak Singh and grandson, Mr. Vaibhav Singh, it has become a force to be reckoned with. Year on year, we have a track record of producing excellent results, whether it is selection in IIT colleges or making it to the best management and medical institutes.

Our students have always excelled in the most prestigious placements all across the globe. Our school's performance in the public examinations since 1983 has been commendable and we have also been felicitated with a letter of appreciation by the Central Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan (Ajmer). At present the school is a full-fledged Co-educational English medium Senior- Secondary school which is affiliated to the CBSE. The qualified and assiduous staff has worked with dedication and co-operation to cloak in reality the dreams of our mentor Dr. Deepak Singh. Modern school is now one of the best public educational institutions in the state of Rajasthan.