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Core Value

Our Core Values

School Motto

Our motto captures the essence of what we wish to develop in each child; the freedom of thought and self-expression, so that he/she becomes a real seeker of TRUTH, and is able to DEVOTE his/her skills whole heartedly to the service of mankind, and DEDICATE his/her whole being to the greater glory of the nation.

“Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity!”

  • seeker of

  • able to

  • to the nation


Realizing this, we, at Modern School emphasize on providing value based education. We strive to develop in each student – a mastery of fundamentals, intellectual discipline and self-reliance which establishes the foundation for achieving professional success.

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire with knowledge!”

We provide perspective teaching that awakens the creative and leadership skills present in every individual. The academic integrity, excellence and accountability fostered here propels up the unfettered spirit of learning by rationality and enterprise.

“Education makes people easy to lead but difficult to drive, easy to govern but impossible to enslave.”

Keeping With Global Educational Trends



Our Vision

The motto of Modern School, Baran is a vivid reflection of the mettle and dedication that goes into making of a noble institution with a noble mission.

Service towards building our nation and society has always been the bedrock of our school’s philosophy, a philosophy that reflects a commitment to serve others willingly, graciously and selflessly. More stress is given on inculcation of values, ethics, and love for the family as the promise of being a good human being is our utmost priority.

We, at Modern, sincerely believe that Human engineering is more important than Technical engineering. Our commitment is to deliver superior education in a loving environment to enable students to build successful and happy lives. Hundreds of Modernites are gracing the topmost colleges and universities around the country. The alumni of our school make us proud by being leaders in their professions, personal pursuits and community endeavors. We consider ourselves lucky to be a part of this extended family, better known as Modernites!