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Synergy is something that lightens up the darkest of the paths. We follow the principle of ‘unity and integrity’. Student council helps in inculcating and developing the attitude of ‘WE’ in the place of ‘I’ amongst the students. It acts as a liaison between the school’s management and the students and acts on behalf of them.

Student council fuels up the students with zeal and enthusiasm all year round by organizing multitude of challenging activities and programs that helps in bringing forth their latent potential.

Shashank Paliwal

(Head Boy)

I am a goal oriented person. I pledge that I will fulfill the role of head boy with full enthusiasm and zeal,I believe in creating leaders and not followers and with that aim I will go on with my designated role in this legend organization.

Jhanavi Galav

(Head Girl)

Opportunities come to those who work hard for them. I find myself blessed as I have got an opportunity to serve this esteemed institution. I promise to be faithful and dedicated towards the roles delegated to me.

Sammit Bathla

(General Secretary)

Being a Modernite is a feeling of pride. Getting an opportunity to serve the school is a big time achievement. I feel honoured to be a part of the council and I promise to perform my role with truth, devotion and dedication.