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Competitions help in going that one extra mile where success stands with arms open. Where there is no competition, there will be no progress. By following house system, Modern School helps the students in inculcating the finesse and flair and guides them to foster in a healthy environment. There are many precious stones that inspire us in one way or another. Bearing in the appreciation these gemstones receive from the world, four of our houses have been named after them.


(Diamond House)

Diamond reflects diligence and patience. It yields positive energy with its sheer presence. Blue and diamond are the source of solidarity and resistance. Diamond house takes up these tasks with perfection and patience. So we bring to you these positive forces to excel in all that we take up.

Incharge Diamond House
Rishu Gupta
Co-Incharge Diamond House
Kritika Galav
Ayush Goyal
Mohit Bhargava


(Emerald House)

Emerald, the colour green is the symbol of embryonic and latent potential and prosperity. This house works in the direction of digging and carving out the potential within each student.

Incharge Emerlad House
Sheela Mertiya
Co-Incharge Emerlad House
Vartika Sharma
Adamya Meena
Hetansh Patira


(Pearl House)

Those who dive into the sea of hard work and dedication bring up the real pearls. Pearl reflects peace, purity and beauty. Pearl house strives and bring out the zeal and meticulous attitude in our Modernites.

Incharge Pearl House
Ankita Sharma
Co-Incharge Pearl Houe
Indra Asthana
Vishal Meena
Palak Shrivastava


(Ruby House)

Colour red is an epitome of passion, courage, leadership, love and aggression. Ruby house always exhibits the spirit of teamwork and synergy. It always attempts to live up to the expectations behind the creation of their house.

Incharge Ruby House
Shivani Hada
Co-Incharge Ruby House
Amisha Vijay
Mahak Khatri
Amardeep Singh