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Laboratories at Modern School, Baran are designed to encourage and kindle the inquisitiveness of students. They assist in nurturing the curiosity and kindling well catered concepts of young minds with the help of our highly experienced faculty.
Science lab: Experimental science is entirely based on accurate observations recorded in laboratories using proper tools. We have a well-designed science laboratory which functions under the guidance of our highly experienced faculty to ensure growth of scientific knowledge among the students.
Mathematics lab: In order to develop a better approach towards mathematics, stress is laid on creativity and developing new methodologies. Modern School has introduced a Mathematics lab which is unique in its segment. Tests and trials are conducted here with perfection using modern instruments.

IT Lab

(Junior & Senior)

Modern School offers Information Technology across the gamut of its activities, from hardware to software, information management to multimedia design and sound to video systems. It also has well networked computers, integrating sound animation, texts and graphics for the learning empowerment of every student. It is well established for Primary and Secondary level students. The fully air-conditioned labs that offer the latest technology system are always buzzing with activity. This mini multimedia universe makes the students computer savvy right from their kindergarten strata and teaches them the skills that are a must for this generation.