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Basketball Court

“It’s not always the sharpest minds that earn the fame, it’s about the perfect physique too”

It’s not whether you win or lose it’s how you play the game. Modern School always focuses on the overall development of a child and keeping this in mind we have designed outdoor play areas to make the students develop their physical and mental strength.

Our infrastructure has been designed with keeping in mind the need of physical growth and development of students along with building up their grey cells. We have a large playground with dedicated space for volleyball court, handball and many other outdoor games.

Football Stadium

Keeping in mind the potential and competency of students, Modern School, Baran is well accoutered with a football stadium of international standards. The manoeuvre of the stadium is such that it stands tall in its genre. The young learners here are trained by our highly experienced coaches. The well-equipped stadium makes the sport even more enjoyable.

Track and field

Modern School, Baranis also endowed with an extended Track and Field surrounding the stadium to ensure active participation of the students towards health and fitness and its dimensions are suitable for numerous athletic events.

Volleyball Court

Another uniqueness of Modern School, Baran is the presence of a well deliberated volleyball court. The emphasis on teamwork and unity strives to teach the ethics of playing with others towards a common goal. It demonstrates the rewards of supporting one another through both triumphs and defeats.