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Trips and Tours

"The road of life has twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination."

Providing academic education is not the sole purpose of Modern School. The prime objective of the institute revolves around the overall personality development of the student along with the education being imparted in the campus, the school organizes tours to various places annually The tours organized are a complete blend of various kinds of experience. In the absence of the parents, the children learn to become independent, disciplined and values like coordination, management, helping each other etc. are imbibed in them. The tours provide recreation to the students and ensure that they are not subjected to mere bookish knowledge. Children get a space to learn and explore nature through all practical means. Modern School thrives for Excellence by working hard with the students and polishing their personality so that they never lack in any aspect of life.

Recreation - Nature’s most valued need

To cater to this requisite and to uphold principles of caring, sharing, discipline and to foster in young minds dignity of labor and team spirit, Modern School organises trips and tours every year. On the national front, we organised two tours, with one set of children rediscovering, South in all its splendour, and the other set that sought to experience the riches of states of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Not only nationally but also internationally, Modern School, made its presence felt when Modernites flew across oceans and landed on the soil of America.

First School of Kota- (Educational Tour to NASA-USA)

Modern School is the first school to have sent its children to an educational tour to NASA-USA where they had a hands-on experience with rockets, rocket launchers, space shuttles and shuttle simulation designs. A life time experience awaited them as they shared activities with senior astronauts while visiting Kennedy space centre before going to the main building of NASA. Our Modernites visited the biggest amusement centre of the world. The Disney Land and Universal Studios in Orlando. 3D experiences were shared with friends as they entered into the Harry Potter land and Jurassic park and in the Magic Kingdom all fairy tale characters - Mickey, Minnie , Goofy, Donald came alive and took them all in a world of virtual make believe. The water rides were thrilling and scintillating.Modernites were present in world’s most sought after cities. If one day, they were on the Brooklyn Bridge, marveling at the statue of Liberty, the next day they were at ground zero, seeing the Phoenix rise from ashes. They were in Washington D.C to witness Lincoln Memorial, Capitol Building and the White House.